Hi, I’m Laurel and welcome to You Can Bake This! So nice to have you here in my little world of making sweet things.  I look forward to us enjoying cooking all sorts of sweet stuff together and having a bit of a laugh as well…

Even though I love baking, it took me a little while to find my way.  You know, to find out the things you’re good at and even what you like making.  For example, just because I love making cakes, doesn’t mean I like making cakes that are shaped like stuff. You know, like footballs, or princesses, or numbers. I don’t do it. End of story. I don’t negotiate… It’s just not my thing, you know?

I really want you to know that everything on this site can be made by you.

Yes, you!

I truly believe that if I can make it then anyone can. And that’s true for all of the recipes on my website. I don’t have any training or any special skills. I just love cooking. I still have plenty of failures, but once I perfect that failed recipe I’ll share it. You can trust that all my recipes have been tried and tested by me – and certainly eaten far too many times, that’s for sure!

All my recipes are made with ingredients that are found at your local supermarket. I don’t really have anything from gourmet shops in my pantry. I have waaay too much chocolate and dark brown sugar that’s for sure, but that’s another story right? winking-face_1f609

If you have any questions at all just contact me and I will always get back to you. Always.

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to my beautiful niece Mavren Lee who did the photography of the first 40 posts on this site. That’s many, many weekends in my kitchen taking photos and without her, I know that the site would look nothing like it does now. She’s amazing and versatile and you can find Mavren Lee on Instagram here.

And of course huge thanks to my wonderful husband. He supports me in everything that I do and I couldn’t ask for a better ‘fan’. He puts up with the kitchen being taken over, photo shoots and way too many baked goods for 2 people! (as well as my terrible singing in the kitchen!)

So listen, life’s too short to not enjoy good food, especially sweet things, so let’s get started!




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