Gift Ideas for your favourite baker – we all need them… So do you have someone that you think has everything and you just can’t think what to buy them? Or, more to the point, you need to give a hint to one or more people about what you would like! Well here’s a guide to some practical and some you-just-plain-need-it! presents.

1.Kitchenaid Hand Mixer. I am in luurve with Kitchenaid, so this is a no brainer. I remember getting a hand mixer for a wedding present and you know what? More than 25 years later it’s still going. 

2. Gorgeous Maison d’ Hermine Canton Apron and matching Oven Mitt & Pot Holder. These are 100% cotton and excellent quality. And who doesn’t like matching stuff right?

There are also these Matching Kitchen Towels and Matching Napkins!

3. OK, so I couldn’t make up my mind! These are both sooo cute, I couldn’t decide. So there’s the beautiful Royal Albert polka dot Teacup and Saucer or the lovely floral AWHOME Teacup and Saucer. Most people wouldn’t treat themselves to something like this, even though they’re both very reasonably priced. So how about you go ahead and treat them 

4. How cute are these Mason Jar ceramic measuring spoons? They just add a lovely touch of colour to their functional purpose. Perfect for stocking fillers.

Or there are these lovely lemon ones.

5. OK, I neeed this cake stand. Aqua! It also comes in white, but aqua! This cake stand is 10 inches / 25cm in diameter and is made of powder coated steel. So it’s pretty (sooo pretty), but durable.

6. Bowls with lids – are just better than plain bowls right? And these are such great colours, they’ll brighten up any home.

7. OK, more pastel, but how gorgeous are they? Perfect super-cute stocking fillers.

8. If you think your loved one has all of the kitchen gear to last a lifetime, guess what? They might like a lovely candle to burn while they’re whiling away the hours in the kitchen. I know that I do. Below from left to right are: Cafe Sweets (layers of Vanilla Bean, Caramel & Biscotti), Honeysuckle (amazing!) and Sea Salt Caramel (I have this one too – divine!)

9. Measuring cups shaped like mixing bowls – cute, colourful and another perfect stocking stuffer (am I giving enough hints already?!)

10. Love, love, love this jar of Shimmer sprinkles. Shimmer! 

11. You will be an absolute Rock Star if you give this to someone. My husband treated me with one for Christmas a few years ago and it gets used for making pastry, chopping and some mixing – it’s just constantly being used. It comes in White, Onyx Black, Empire Red and Contour Silver.

12. This is a fantastic piping set. It has just about all of the piping tips that you’ll need. I know that it has the ones that I mainly use. You could add these disposable piping bags too.

13. OK, if I’ve said this once, I’ve said it 100 times. Layer cake tins – you need them! Who has trouble cooking a cake perfectly all the way through (not a bit drier on the outside or not quite cooked in the middle)? Enter layer cake tins. Pour the same amount of batter into each one, bake, then assemble. No cutting to size or uneven cakes. What’s not to love?

14. Essential for any cook really – a microplane. For zesting citrus, grating chocolate, nutmeg, cheese, you name it.

15. Leaving the scariest to last! I have a fear of open flames (which is probably so for the entire human race) and I’m not a fan of using a blow torch. But you know what? It makes caramelising the top of creme brulee and the peaks of meringue sooo easy.

OK, you have your list – now hop to it and try not to spend too much on yourself!  

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