Perfect Summer Lime & Coconut Cheesecake |
Perfect Summer Lime & Coconut Cheesecake | | Photography: MavrenLee Photography

Zingy but sweet lime centre, whipped cream, then topped with toasted coconut flakes –  This Lime and Coconut Cheesecake is insanely good. It’s a perfect spring or summer treat. Lovely and light with summery flavours and it’s absolutely what you need for all of those spring and summer BBQs and parties. It’s kinda hard to have one piece… And I’ve never had just one piece I’m happy to confess..

Perfect Summer Lime & Coconut Cheesecake |
Perfect Summer Lime & Coconut Cheesecake | | Photography: MavrenLee Photography

Just a word about the cake plate I used in this post. I use it for cakes, pies, cheesecakes as well as serving up all sorts of other food. I love that it’s got plenty of room for serving and decorating and the cake doesn’t ‘just’ fit. This one is from a range I have a bit too much crockery from… eek  Lenox French Perle 14″ Round Platter, White

Baking Tip: One big tip I would especially like to give you – watch the coconut as you toast it! Sounds fairly obvious doesn’t it? Yes, it is obvious… Well why have I burned it so many times then?! Annnnnnd I burned the stupid coconut for the one photographed here and had to make a trip to buy some more! Set the timer for the next lot…  Thumbs up to me eyes rolled Also, when I make baked cheesecakes I start off by covering them with aluminium foil before I start baking them. Then I take the foil off after about 20 to 30 minutes. Your cheesecake will still cook perfectly well, you just won’t risk burning the top or the sides of the base (which I may have done once or twice) if you need to leave it in a bit longer to get it to cook through (as we all know, all ovens are not created equally!).

Perfect Summer Lime and Coconut Cheesecake

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– 200g / 7oz sweet biscuits or Graham crackers
– ¼ cup ground almonds or hazlenuts
– 1 tablespoon caster / superfine sugar
– 100g / 3.5oz melted butter
– 8 eggs lightly beaten
– 2 x 395g / 14oz cans of sweetened condensed milk
– 1 & 1/3 cups of thickened cream
– Finely grated rind and juice of 8 limes (approx 300ml / 10 fluid oz of juice)
– 400ml / 13½ fluid oz thickened cream extra, for whipping
– 1 cup of flaked or shredded coconut.

Using a food processor, process the crackers or sweet biscuits to fine crumbs. Add the almond or hazlenut meal, melted butter and sugar and process until combined. Press the mixture into the base of the cake tin. Refrigerate for at least an hour.

Whisk the eggs, condensed milk, cream, lime rind and lime juice until smooth.

Strain the mixture into the cake tin (make sure you strain the mixture or there will be too much rind in the finished cheesecake and it will be bitter).

Place on a tray and bake for 40-45 minutes or until set, but has a slight wobble in the centre.

While the cheesecake is cooling, whip the cream and toast the coconut.

Carefully remove the cake from the tin and top with whipped cream and toasted coconut. Truly delicious..


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